PEEK Composite Pipe Reported to Deliver Reliable Subsea Pumping Down to 10,000 Feet  


WEST CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa.—The flexible m-pipe® Subsea Intervention Line, a long and lightweight composite pipe developed by Magma Global Limited with the support of Victrex, can be deployed to depths of 10,000 feet, according to a release from Victrex.

The flexible pipe combines Victrex PEEK, high-grade carbon fiber, and S-2 Glass fibers to form a reliable subsea intervention line that meets the demand for a hydraulic pumping system that can handle high pressures and high flow rates, Magna Global Limited reports. The pipe is said to handle pressure up to 15 ksi (103 MPa.)

“Thanks to partnering with Victrex, we have been able to successfully develop our 10,000 foot (3,048 meters) solution for hydraulic pumping and light well intervention in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Charles Tavner, commercial director at Magma, in the release. “Victrex PEEK polymer’s high performance, and their material and processing expertise, has supported the new record-breaking flexible and spoolable m-pipe for the oil and gas industry.”

Magma is offering its m-pipe and integrated deployment package as a vessel back-deck system for rapid hydraulic light well intervention. The Magma deployment system has a modular reeler with m-pipe intervention line pipe handling system, built-in tensioner, level wind, controls cabin, hydraulic power unit, installation platform, and winch, for rapid pipe deployment and retrieval.

S-2 Glass is a registered trademark of AGY.

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