Back-up Rings for Oil and Gas Industry Reported to Withstand Extreme Pressures and Temperatures  


WINONA, Minn. — RTP Company has designed and introduced thermoplastic compounds specifically for oil and gas service backup rings that perform well in conventional and extreme high pressure and temperature conditions, RTP reported in a press release.

“This allows customers to design backup rings from materials that meet the end-use requirements that ultimately provide longer life and greater reliability,” said Duncan Hogg, global energy market manager for RTP Company, in the release.

Sealing systems that incorporate backup rings are a significant contributor to the longevity of downhole oil and gas equipment, especially within high temperature and high pressure environments. Developing cost effective components to meet sealing system requirements is an ongoing industry challenge, one that RTP Company is quite familiar with.

When selecting materials for backup rings, it is important to take shear strength into consideration. High shear strength in backup ring compounds is desired because it is an indicator of better overall performance and longer service life. Shear strength performance greater than 10,000 psi is an important performance threshold, according to RTP Company.

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