Stratasys Direct Manufacturing and DSM’s Somos Pair Up to Increase Materials Options  


VALENCIA, Calif.—Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is working with DSM’s Somos® to increase the variety of materials customers can use to make 3D parts. The two companies began a partnership in April aimed at speeding the rate of Stereolithography (SL) materials innovation.

“Together with Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, we’ll accelerate Stereolithography material development like never before,” said Melissa Lutz, business director for Somos. “Stratasys Direct Manufacturing’s customers have already used Somos® materials in some exciting and potentially life-saving applications, like customized and intricate heart models that improve the safety and efficacy of surgical procedures, so we’re eager to see what incredible SL parts users develop next.”

The agreement gives customers more choice and greater control over which materials to use for their SL projects.

“We made this move to meet customers’ strong demand for Somos® materials that the rapid prototyping services industry wasn’t fulfilling,” said Chuck Alexander, director of product management for Stratasys Direct Manufacturing, in a release from Stratasys. “We’re excited to build on Stratasys Direct Manufacturing’s legacy of Stereolithography excellence by giving customers materials that have the power to enable more life-changing innovations.”

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing will apply 25 years of experience in SL from legacy companies Solid Concepts and Harvest Technologies, collaborating with the Somos development team to beta test new Somos materials before they hit the market. The agreement gives the market access to the industry’s most extensive Somos materials offering, enabling a nearly limitless number of prototype applications, Stratasys reported.

Companies building 3D printed parts are now said to have “easier access to newer and more advanced Stereolithography (SL) materials than ever before,” according to Stratasys. The move doubles Stratasys Direct Manufacturing’s SL production capacity, allowing the company to deliver large projects more rapidly, and accelerates material development.

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